Q.  I placed an order and need to amend it, how can I do this?

A. Should you need to amend an order we highly recommend sending us an email or contact form via the website. You will receive a reply to confirm the changes within 24hours, week days only. (Please note office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 12noon) Please also refer to terms and conditions.

Q.   Can your products be machine washed?

A.   Yes, all of our products can be machine washed – except our Wax range. We suggest a cycle at 40°C or at a lower temperature. Care of our Wax range can be achieved by simply wiping over with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or mud. Our product are drip dry only.

Q.   Will my dog coat loose any of its water repelling qualities if I wash it?

A.   No. We use only the best quality fabrics and components in all of our products, which have been tried and tested rigorously to ensure a durable product. Please note that our Wax range is NOT suitable for washing. Simply wiping over with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or mud will suffice.

Q.   How do I know which is the right product for my dog?

A.   Different products will suit different dogs, breeds and issues. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are just a phone call or email away to help advice on the most suitable product(s) for your individual needs. If you are more local then you can make an appointment to call in and see us for expert advice in person.

Q.   I have a long backed/ large breed, how do I know your products will fit my dog?

A.   We can make our products to customer’s individual requirements and cater for all breeds/sizes of dog. We can even make our products for cats, pigs and exotics! Measuring your pet correctly will allow us to tailor make products to your specification, if our standard sizes are not suitable. There is a very small charge for tailor made items.

Q.   How do I know which size to buy?

A.   Measuring your dog correctly will enable you to ensure correct fit. You can use our breed size guides – but remember these are GUIDES only and do not replace accurate measuring of your pet. Please see the relevant section on our website for how to measure your pet correctly.

Q.   How do I measure my dog for a harness and/or coat?

A.  To measure you will need a soft tape measure (not a steel one) and it is best to have your dog standing up squarely.  For a harness: The girth measurement is taking the tape measure right around under your dog’s body at the fullest point in a complete circle about 5-7cm behind your dog’s front legs. The actual neck measurement is required too (don’t allow for any fingers under the collar, the actual measurement is needed – the neck measurement is only required for being able to comfortably fit the harness over the head.

Please measure your dog carefully, as the secret to getting the perfect fit harness is ordering the correct size! You should measure both chest and neck.   If in doubt, you are welcome to send us both actual measurements and also let us know whether your dog is still growing or fully grown so that we can advise on size.

Fora coat: measure as above plus the length from the base of your dog’s neck to the base of the tail.

For a collar: Simply take the tape measure right round in a circle and add 2-3cm for comfort to get correct size. A dog collar should not be too tight, make sure you can get two fingers under the collar comfortably when fitted.

Q. If I order a bespoke item, and it does not fit, or I don’t like it can I exchange it?

A. Unfortunately, no. All bespoke items are tailor made per your order and are not stock items and therefore exempt from our returns policy.

Q.   Can I choose a colour combination for my dogs coat or harness e.g club colours or lining and trim to match the fabric of a coat or contrasting colours of fleece and webbing on a harness?

A.   Yes! We will be happy to tailor make products to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Q.   Why should I use a Snuggle Pets harness?

A.   Our harnesses are made with comfort and ease of use firmly in mind, as well as designed to prevent pulling. A Snuggle Pets harness allows more comfort for the dog to sniff and explore without the unpleasantness of pressure of a collar on the neck. Used correctly with a double ended lead, a Snuggle Pets harness will prevent your dog from pulling. The dog’s spine will return to its natural position and this causes no pain compared to a collar. A Snuggle Pets harness will allow for relaxed and natural body language when on a lead and thus help communication with other canines. Our wider, padded straps won’t rub or create soreness. The Snuggle Pets unique padded girth straps are designed not to create contact rubbing or friction. The comfortable, wide neck strap is designed to sit on the dog’s shoulders and not coke the dog at the neck. Snuggle Pets were the first to include the chest D-ring to balance your dog and prevent pulling.

Q.   Can the harnesses be used with a retractable lead?

A.   Yes, but we strongly advise that retractable leads are not used. They come with many risks and safety issues for both you and your dog, and can actively encourage pulling. Our fleece standard leads, or better still, our 3 stage adjustable leads are advised if your dog is a confirmed puller, and both will provide you with a safer product

Q.   What if my dog doesn’t just pull but lunges, barks and jumps?

A.   Our products will work well to prevent pulling and used with a 3 stage adjustable lead can help deal with lunging and jumping, however, we strongly suggest you seek help from a behaviourist and trainer in conjunction with using our products for the best possible outcome. A behaviourist can work with you on a one to one and design a retraining programme to suit your dog’s needs and thus deal with the issue at the root.

Q.   What happens if my dog chews on his harness/coat/lead?

A.   We will gladly accept products back for repair at small charge. Please refer to our product warranty and returns policy for further details.

Q.   Can I run with my dog wearing a harness/coat?

A.   Yes you can, provided you do so with the safety of you and your dog in mind. Our products are both strong and durable provided they are used correctly.

Q.   Can I have my dog’s name or other details embroidered on your products?

A.   At the moment this is not a service that we can offer.

Q. What delivery options do you offer?

A. Our UK delivery service is provided by My Hermes who offer a 2-3 day delivery. If you prefer, we can ship using Royal Mail 2nd class delivery instead. Please leave a message in the notes section of your order if you would prefer Royal Mail.

If you wish to have a Next Day Special Delivery guaranteed before 1am the following day then this is available at extra cost, currently £10.00. Please contact us before placing an order using this method.

For International deliveries including the EU, we use Royal Mail Tracked. 

Q. How can I return an item and will I have to pay to send it back?

A. Full details of how to return can be found on the back of your invoice and on our  Terms and Conditions page.  You must contact the office to request a RAN (Return Authorisation Number) before sending anything back.