About Us

About us

Welcome to the world of Snuggle Pets

Snuggle Pets pride ourselves on the quality, workmanship and comfort of all our products. We work with leading experts in various dog-related activities to bring to our clients a modern, high quality, comfortable, fit for purpose product at an affordable price.

First in the field to produce client friendly and easy to use products that honestly work, leading manufacturer Snuggle Pets workmanship is second to none. Others have tried to imitate our products but Snuggle Pets remain a firm favourite among industry professionals, as we use only the best quality materials and components in all our product ranges. These materials and components have been robustly tested to guarantee durability and strength. This enables us to provide our customers with long-life products that you can trust. Providing they are used correctly, we can guarantee lasting comfort and reliability for you and your dog.

We are confident that you will not find the same quality of product, with all the same features, cheaper anywhere in the UK. If you do then we will gladly refund the difference. Our customer testimonials are validation of the quality of product that we offer. This is why we are the exclusive suppliers to the British Flyball and Agility Teams as well as various local clubs both here and worldwide. We are also proud to supply Wood Green, The Animal Charity and also The National Animal Welfare Trust.

We are passionate about our pets and know you are about yours too. Whether you are a dog-lover, cat-fancier, pig-person or maybe a more exotic animal lover, here at Snuggle Pets we welcome you all! We make a range of harnesses, coats and accessories for all your best friends – whatever their species!

We offer a full range of products, to provide for all animal breeds and sizes. Each harness can be adjusted for a natural, comfortable fit and we can even cater for the exceptionally large or small. Whether you favourite is a poodle or a pig, Dachshund or donkey  we can help you and your pets with a comfortable, durable, reliable machine washable restraint system, coupled with top quality variable length leads and coats. We have an in-house trainer and a knowledgeable team who you can speak to and so ensure the right product for your needs. We also have a fantastic range of toys, gifts and other accessories, and even our own artist if you fancy something extra special to show how much you love your pets past or present.

To ensure our products can withstand the test of time and the limit of your pet’s excitement, we only manufacture and produce our products here in the UK, and we are very proud of this. We source our materials responsibly to ensure compliance with environmental concerns. Most of all, we are a family run business, and that includes our beloved dogs, Snowball, Princess Tinkerbelle & the Beauclarke Cavaliers and Long Coat Chihuahuas, who are all a vital part of the rigorous testing we do on each of our product ranges.